Understanding Drying


The process of drying your property out after water damage or flooding is achieved though methodical stages. The duration of this process will be determined upon numerous factors such as the volume of water, the building's construction and materials, and environmental conditions. Complete drying of your property must be achieved before remedial building work begins.
Below we take a look at the essential stages that must be adhered to during the drying process:
If you are uncertain about the source of moisture, whether it's due to a leak, penetrating damp, or rising damp, it is advisable you arrange for leak detection or a damp survey beforehand. Remember there may be more than one source of issue within your property. Identifying the source or sources and remedying them is the first step to getting your property back to pre flood condition.
In the event of a substantial flood, it may be necessary to remove or pump out any surplus water.
Please be mindful that if floodwater is infiltrating your residence, it is advisable to shut off gas, electricity, and/or water supplies if it can be done safely. Under no circumstances should you handle electrical sources while standing in floodwater.
After confirming that it is safe to enter, removing any standing water and extracting absorbent materials for restoration or disposal is of utmost importance.
After identifying and resolving the leak and any standing water removal if needed moisture levels can be assessed using specialized devices. This assessment determines the extent of invasive work required to allow for proper drying. Any necessary preparatory work, such as removing irreparable materials or barriers to evaporation, will be discussed with the client and insurer before commencement.
This involves removing damaged or wet furnishings, fittings, and potentially damaged plaster, plasterboard or woodwork to facilitate thorough drying. The aim is to eliminate materials holding water or impeding moisture evaporation, ensuring the building becomes structurally dry in a cost-effective manner. This service is performed by our teams.
Drying a property can be time-consuming because floodwater can infiltrate deeply into its structure. Even if surfaces appear dry, moisture may persist within walls and floors. Complete dryness is necessary to ensure sustainable repair work and prevent future damage.
Drying equipment should run continuously, as any downtime prolongs the drying process. Additional electricity costs are typically covered by insurance. The drying period can vary from a week to several months.
Ventilation may be beneficial initially, but its effectiveness depends on external conditions. Cold and humid weather may hinder the process. High humidity levels inside the affected area require judgment on whether increased ventilation or heating and dehumidification will be more effective.
Heating is recommended during structural drying because it energizes water particles within materials, prompting evaporation. Warmer air can hold more moisture, enhancing the air's ability to extract moisture from materials.
Air movers circulating air aid in moisture removal, by delivering dry air to the affected areas and driving saturated air to the dehumidifiers.
The drying setup can be adjusted as needed, with moisture levels monitored and documented throughout this phase.
Once the property is fully dry, repair work can commence. Our expertise covers all trades enabling us to complete any refurbishment to pre-damage condition. We offer a seamless restoration process for water damage recovery and residential or commercial refurbishment, ensuring high-quality services for our clients.

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