Water Damage Services

Water Damage Services

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A range of choices exist for effectively drying your property, contingent upon variables such as the areas affected by moisture, the level of saturation, the intended purpose of the property, and the urgency of drying process. Once assessment has been made we will determine the most suitable approach to dry the property efficiently. Moreover, we can offer recommendations for the most optimal dehumidifiers and fans available for hire.

Dehumidifier Hire London offers a comprehensive service specialising in flood drying and the remediation of water-related damage. Our all-encompassing solution addresses all your requirements during this challenging period. Our services span from the initial call to the ultimate restoration of your property to its state prior to the incident

Our services


We provide an in-person evaluation to assess the conditions and the degree of water damage, enabling us to implement appropriate measures.

Our teams of water damage restoration experts are at your service to provide guidance and propose a personalised plan for renting drying equipment, tailored to your specific circumstances by factoring in elements like the dimensions of the area, humidity levels, and the extent of the water-related issues.

Based on our assessment, we will advise on the essential procedures required to effectively dry and rebuild your property.


Following the initial survey, we can provide the most suitable dehumidifiers and air movers required for the task. These units will be installed to guarantee optimal water extraction and sufficient air movement, expediting the drying process for the area and ultimately the restoration of your property to its condition prior to the incident, employing an efficient and effective methodology.

Once the areas affected by water damage have been thoroughly dried and the equipment is ready for retrieval, we are committed to ensuring that we align with your schedule and promptly collect the items at a time that is most convenient for you.


For thorough drying of structures, it’s often essential to extract compromised materials. This exposes all moist areas to the maximum advantage of dry air. This removal process includes tasks like eliminating damaged plaster or plasterboard, insulation, wooden floors, and other elements impacted by water intrusion.

In certain scenarios, the drying process may not commence until this phase is initiated, as certain building components retain moisture. Our team of specialists will evaluate the degree of damage and ascertain the materials that require removal to facilitate the drying procedure. This approach accelerates the drying process and reduces the potential for mould growth and other lasting harm to the framework.

We will communicate our recommendations to you, ensuring that the restoration process is executed with efficiency and effectiveness to minimise disturbances to your regular routine.


Throughout the drying procedure, we perform regular interim assessments to track the advancement of building dehumidification. These inspections keep you updated until the property reaches complete dryness. Conducting interim inspections is a crucial element within the water damage restoration process.

Our water damage specialists will gauge the moisture levels in the impacted areas whilst simultaneously verifying the functioning of the drying equipment and enact any requisite modifications to enhance the drying operation.


Most of our customers benefit from our comprehensive restoration services in the aftermath of water damage incidents. Upon completion of the drying process our teams of builders comprehensively refurbish your property, returning it to its condition before the flooding event.


Most of our work goes through home/business insurance. As the policyholder, it is your responsibility to minimise the repercussions from flooding. Typically, you don’t have to wait for approval before initiating the drying process and taking swift action helps prevent further damage.

Initiating the drying process early on can help avoid additional costs prior to repairs.

We can document the moisture levels at the beginning to support your claim and facilitate an uninterrupted progression of the drying procedure.

In situations like these, a company like Dehumidifier Hire London is indispensable. With extensive experience in handling UK insurance-related work, we stand as a prominent name in property restoration post water damage events.

Water Damage Services London

  • Initial Surveys
  • Drying Equipment Hire
  • Preparation and Drying
  • Monitoring Inspections
  • Restoration Works
  • Insurance Claims

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