Drying Equipment Hire

Drying Equipment Hire

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Please contact us for expert recommendations on the most suitable drying machines, tools, and equipment to fulfil your needs.
Our friendly and skilled team will assist you on which of our extensive range of dehumidifiers and air movers will best suit your situation. We not only take care of the setup within your property and constantly monitor the progress of the drying process but can also offer guidance on expediting the restoration of your building as efficiently as possible should you choose this service.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

A refrigerant dehumidifier operates much like the mechanism in your household refrigerator, generating a chilled surface colder than the surrounding air. The device employs a fan to draw air across a cold metal plate, causing moisture to condense and collect in a tank. This accumulated moisture can either be emptied manually or directed through an automatic drainage hose.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are most effective in environments with moderate temperatures. Because they rely on the interior cooling surface being colder than the ambient air, their optimal performance occurs in heated or warmer spaces. However, their efficiency significantly diminishes in cooler conditions. Consequently, if the dehumidifier is intended for use in a room with consistently low temperatures, alternative options might be more suitable.


  • Ideal for temperatures that exceed 15°C or 59°C
  • Able to extract high amounts of moisture
  • Energy-efficient

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers employ a distinct approach for extracting moisture from the air. They utilize an adsorbent material that draws in water from the atmosphere, akin to how small desiccant packs absorb moisture to safeguard products. The collected moisture then either drips into a lower water condenser or is automatically channelled out through a tube at the rear of the unit, to the exterior.

In comparison to refrigerant models, this type of dehumidifier is generally more compact and lightweight. One of the notable differences is that desiccant units don’t require the ambient room temperature to be warmer, rendering them more efficient in colder conditions, typically around 15°C or lower. This characteristic makes them particularly suitable for unheated indoor spaces. Additionally, desiccant dehumidifiers emit a gentle warming effect as they release a certain amount of warm air during the process.


  • Works in colder temperatures as well as warm
  • Quieter – doesn’t have any moving parts
  • More effective drying of dense materials

Air Movers

Air movers play a pivotal role in facilitating the evaporation process, which is essential for effective and successful drying.

To achieve optimal drying outcomes, it’s highly recommended to combine air movers with dehumidifiers. This synergy enhances evaporation, resulting in more efficient drying.

The significance of air circulation cannot be overstated when it comes to expediting the drying of structures. It functions by displacing saturated air from material surfaces, distributing dry air across all impacted areas, and catalysing the swift evaporation of dampness.

Primarily, air movers yield their greatest benefits during the initial stages of a drying regimen, coinciding with the phase of most rapid evaporation. Materials with a high affinity for water absorption—plasterboards, underlays, wooden floors, carpets and more —release moisture rapidly, especially under the influence of high-velocity airflow.

Flood Drying Packages

The Professional Solution

Using fans together with dehumidifiers will speed up the drying process.

Our water damage drying sets include both dehumidifier and air mover combinations designed to effectively draw out moisture from even those hard-to-reach areas such as behind drywall or beneath raised floors. The strategic deployment of air movement is absolutely essential to ensure uniform drying within the quickest timeframe achievable.

Dehumidifier Hire London is your ultimate destination for flood and water damage drying services, delivering comprehensive drying solutions under one roof.

Our experts will evaluate the water damage to your property and recommend the best combination of machines to dry off the affected area.

Irrespective of the project’s scale, our drying equipment, technical know-how, and expertise enable us to assist you in any situation.

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