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Dehumidifier Hire London provides equipment hire and full flood restoration services to both residential and commercial buildings in the event of water damage or flooding.

Our primary goal is to mitigate the impact of water damage on you, your family, or your business, and to efficiently restore your property to its former state in a timely manner.

Should you find yourself facing water damage issues in your home or business premises, we are here to assist you. Whether it's a ceiling harmed by a leaking pipe, a compromised roof, or even more severe issues like a burst water main, contact us today. We are ready to discuss solutions for your water damage challenges.

Our teams offer full water damage repair and water damage restoration services in addition to the hire, delivery, installation and collection of our selection of drying equipment.

Our commitment is to deliver a service that is approachable, professional, and tailored to your specific requirements.
Our business assesses every project individually whether it involves delivering a single dehumidifier to a residential unit or providing a comprehensive set for a large commercial property.
Our objective is to offer the best possible value for dehumidifier rentals, catering to all budgets as we continuously monitor our pricing to ensure competitiveness.

Water Damage Services London

  • Initial Surveys
  • Drying Equipment Hire
  • Preparation and Drying
  • Monitoring Inspections
  • Restoration Works
  • Insurance Claims

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We are dedicated to assisting you, whether it entails drying out water-damaged structures or undertaking complete renovations for commercial and residential properties.

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We provide customized solutions for water damaged properties - from thorough drying to comprehensive restoration works.
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Dehumidifier Hire London offers our customers three stages of services in the event of their property suffering water damage or flooding.

Initial Damage Removal where our teams remove all damaged materials from your property such as collapsed ceilings, damaged stud walls or water exposed flooring and tiling. They’ll chop back compromised plaster from solid walls and fully prepare your property for drying. In some instances, your property will not begin to dry out fully until this stage is undertaken as some building materials, such as tile on concrete slab, retain water.

Drying Equipment Hire. Dehumidifier Hire London will perform an onsite assessment before delivering and installing the required specialist equipment to radically speed up the dry process within your property. Our equipment installation and regular assessment service helps create the right environment for flooded properties to dry out in a timely manner where natural drying could take months or even a year.

Full Property Rebuild. Our restoration teams are equipped to fully rebuild your property back to pre-flood condition. All of our teams are fully insured and ably skilled to rebuild your damaged property back to the same level and standard or higher than before your flood.