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Drying – Rental and Installation Only

Commercial dehumidifiers for hire and Industrial fans for rent to speed up the drying process...

You might prefer us to just handle the delivery, installation, and retrieval of the drying equipment.

Beyond offering an extensive array of high-quality dehumidifiers and air movers for rental purposes, we take the extra step of configuring each piece of equipment to guarantee its utmost efficiency and we continue to monitor the site to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained.

Consequently, when you choose to rent a dehumidifier from us, you’re not only receiving the hardware itself; you’re gaining access to unparalleled know-how and assistance, available to you via phone/email and face-to-face interactions, throughout the duration of your equipment rental.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Flood damaged building repair services including strip-out works before drying...

We also offer a comprehensive service encompassing preparation, drying, monitoring, and restoration.

In certain scenarios, your property may not begin drying until necessary preparations are carried out. These preparations include tasks such as removing floors, paint or plaster from walls, demolition of collapsed ceilings. Dehumidifier Hire London is ready to assist with essential strip-out tasks and property preparation for the drying process.

Our restoration teams are well-equipped to fully refurbish your property to its pre-flood state. Each of our teams carries full insurance cover and possesses the required skills to restore your damaged property to a level that matches or surpasses its prior condition.

Insured Repairs, Claims and Quotes

Water Damage Insurance Quotes. We can assist you in successfully securing approval for your claim!

Our team boasts extensive expertise in managing UK insurance-related tasks. We’re adept at establishing initial damp readings to aid your claim and to enable an uninterrupted progression of the drying procedure. We ensure transparent communication by outlining our actions in advance and meticulously recording all undertaken tasks to substantiate our pricing. The precision and dependability of our evaluations often lead to swift approval from most insurance providers for our estimates and proposed scope of work, thereby expediting the project commencement.

Our methodical approach to handling insurance repair claims consistently adheres to the utmost standards in water damage restoration and repair.

Free Advice Line and Experienced Staff

If you find yourself facing water damage to your property—what steps should you take next?

Upon encountering water damage, prioritise your safety by avoiding contact with damp or wet zones, refraining from standing in water. Afterward, reach out to Dehumidifier Hire London at 020 3026 9530.

Our team of approachable and knowledgeable professionals will attend to your call, providing initial assistance over the phone.

Contact us to arrange dehumidifier rental or drying equipment hire, or to engage in a conversation about the strategies for addressing water-damage issues.

Rest assured, we are here to offer immediate support.

Water Damage Services London

  • Initial Surveys
  • Drying Equipment Hire
  • Preparation and Drying
  • Monitoring Inspections
  • Restoration Works
  • Insurance Claims

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We are dedicated to assisting you, whether it entails drying out water-damaged structures or undertaking complete renovations for commercial and residential properties.

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We provide customized solutions for water damaged properties - from thorough drying to comprehensive restoration works.
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Do I Need a Dehumidifier?
During a flood water can infiltrate into the structural components of your building, even when flooding appears relatively minor. This entrenched moisture can often require a considerable amount of time to dissipate from these materials. Achieving complete dryness is imperative to ensure that any restoration efforts are sustainable and to prevent the recurrence of damage or mould in the future.
Under specific conditions, homes that have become saturated can foster the development of fungal spores. These moulds propagate through minuscule spores that remain imperceptible to the naked eye. These spores exist within the indoor environment and can only flourish on surfaces that remain damp. The pace of growth hinges on factors such as the affected substrate, temperature, organic compounds, and the presence of contaminants.
Typically, moulds target wooden flooring, carpets, underlay, and skirting boards. If moisture is not promptly eliminated, mould has the potential to proliferate and establish itself on walls or furnishings, thereby exacerbating the harm inflicted on the structure beyond the effects of flooding or leaks alone.
While mould can sometimes sprout instantaneously under certain circumstances, it generally takes around three days to commence growth, influenced by atmospheric conditions and other variables. Consequently, swift action to address water damage is advisable in order to forestall the exacerbation of mould-related issues.

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For customers going through insurance, we suggest not waiting for the Loss Adjustors. Instead, contact your insurance provider and indicate your intention to initiate a professional drying process. Many insurers extend cover for all expenses linked to the drying procedure, even if it is initiated without their explicit approval.
In the absence of insurance, the decision to initiate professional drying ought to be expedited, as each day of delay drives up the costs and speed of recovery.
It’s important to act quickly.
Water Damage Services

From the moment you first reach out to us to the final restoration of your property, we handle every intricate detail. Our team of experts will visit your location, evaluate the situation, and offer you a comprehensive set of recommendations for the next steps.

Drying Equipment Hire

Specialists in hire of dehumidifiers and building drying equipment – delivery, installation, interim assessments and collection of our drying equipment comprehensively covered within the weekly rental fee.

Water Damage Restoration Works

Dehumidifier Hire London has extensive experience in handling insurance repair claims and managing insurance-related projects. From stripping out works to drying out and full building repairs after water or flood damage, we do it all.


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We can provide dehumidifiers and drying equipment hire services for flood and water damage drying projects.


We provide various air-movers to aid in comprehensive drying, complemented by accompanying accessories to ensure safe utilisation.


In our flood drying packages, you can typically find a combination of dehumidifiers and fans, strategically employed to extract moisture even from hard-to-reach spaces. Ensuring adequate airflow is vital to achieving uniform drying within the shortest achievable timeframe.